Design and heritage

Design and heritage

Design and heritage

BOLLATE - Villa Arconati-FAR

Fondazione Augusto Rancilio and the Milan Polytechnic in support of young people and their insertion into the world of work
Also this year the Fondazione Augusto Rancilio renews its support to the Milan Polytechnic in the project of valorisation of young talent aimed at a better integration into the world of work, through the exhibition of the projects of the international students of the Final Synthesis Design Studio - Degree Course Magistral in Interior Design. The selected projects will be exhibited in the Red Room of Villa Arconati-FAR within the Design and Heritage exhibition, open to the public every Sunday from 17 June to 22 July 2018.
Design and Heritage is an educational exhibition of the projects carried out by the international students of the Final Synthesis Design Studio - Master's Degree in Interior Design of the Milan Polytechnic - on the theme of the reuse of the spaces, both external and internal, of the Villa Arconati-FAR complex, in relation to new needs, activities and functions typical of contemporary society where landscapes, campaigns, cultural and environmental assets become resources and raw materials.
Between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the Lombard territory has seen a flowering of the typology of the Villa of Delizia; in the Milan area in particular there are important examples that today constitute a fundamental aspect of our cultural and landscape heritage and of our identity. Villa Arconati-FAR is certainly a valuable source for ideas, research and reflections, with many implications related to "living in the villa", on the historical, social and economic as well as architectural and artistic.
In the works of students landscape, architecture, interiors, furnishings and art objects tell the relationship between memory, tradition and modernity, in which the past is not only represented by ancient walls and decorations but by places that, through creativity and design , provide suggestions and ideas for the imagined future. The site presents different types of spaces that have suggested to the students the development of various types of interiors - residences, for hospitality, education, preparation. The required approach was not purely stylistic and decorative, but aimed at enhancing, in a contemporary key, the identity of the place, merging the values ​​of memory and modernity. The students, working team, have proposed different project concepts to give a new strategic destination to the whole complex, combining history and memory of the place with the needs, the activities but also the aesthetic languages ​​of the contemporary. The 14 concepts have been developed at different project scales with in-depth analysis of some specific spaces, through the use of current technologies, materials and solutions.

The exhibition is set up inside the Sala Rossa of Villa Arconati-FAR
Open to the public every Sunday from 17 June to 22 July 2018, from 12.00 to 21.00
free admission (upon payment of admission to the Villa € 5.00)
Ameri Shahin - Antonenko Natalia - Ayvazyan Seda - Bettoni Simona - Chi Yuhe - Cimino Simone - Consonni Sara - Crespi Marco - De Iuliis Loana Ersilia - Del Favero Davide - Do Thu Thao - Erdogan Esra - Ertin Aysecan - Fossi Lorenzo - Franceschinis Veronica - Fumagalli Claudia - Gailiute Greta - Gomez Maurer Alexia Rubi - Grillo Francesca - Guo Ce - Guo Kaiyu - Jezzini Jinan - Kagaine Guanita - Kapoor Shivang - Legnani Giada - Li Xin - Li Yueting - Lu Hsin-Lun - Magnago Silvia - Massari Alice Monica - Mohapatra Swati Smita - Onal Begum Sena - Özgen Özün - Pekova Maria - Pinillos Muñoz Juan Fernando - Polizzi Francesca - Rodrigo Edwin - Salerno Emilia - Scolari Alice - Shalaan Yasser - Taymaz Neris - Teruzzi Valentina - Wan Chih-Wei - Wan Rui Rui - Wang Muyun - Wang Yu Ting - Wang Yuanchao - Wilk Katarzyna - Wu Dijing - Xi Yuchen - Xu Yinan - Yilmaz Serra - Yuyar Ece - Zeng Fei
Mauro Afro Borella - Alexia Gomez Maurer - Davide del Favero - Do Thu Thao
Mauro Afro Borella - Gisella Veronese - Alessandra Sironi
Maria Borisova Pekova - Greta Gailiute


Dal 17 giugno 2018 al 22 luglio 2018.

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